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Bali Love Jenkins

About the Artist

Bali Love Jenkins

A Magical Midsummer Night's Day Dream

A Magical Midsummer Night's Day Dream

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Bali Love Jenkins

Bali's Art is an infusion of Abstraction, Surrealism & Realism.
Creating colourful handmade butterflies and 3D Sculptures. And Spontaneous Famous Celebrities Icons & self portraits in a Pop /Street art style.

Finally finding her true purpose in life though her life struggles.
Love Jenkins is known as the Butterfly Artist, a spiritual visionary and a healer through dance & meditation. Her mission is to help others succeed through healing and become the best version of themselves and live a life of Peace, Freedom and Unconditional Love.

As artist quotes:

"We are all one, regardless of religion, colour, education, money or status. If we can remove the anger & hate we have for others, we are only then left with love. And with love, we can love unconditionally"

Her works of Art depict butterflies. Butterflies to the artist has a spiritual meaning of rebirth, transformation & creativity. She believes we have more than one Life. Our past lives determine our next life. In each Life we can transform our souls to a higher level of vibration.
By listening to our inner calling.

'Like a Butterfly, fly into a Fantastical world of imagination & awaken your soul, and like a Eagle we can conquer the world & our fears"

Inventor of "Symphony ‑ Dynamism" Art Style in 2011.
Love- Jenkins Sells her works to celebrities and private art collectors. with a MA in Art Business at Sotheby's Art Institute.
Founder of Opulent Art gallery.

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