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Christopher Vidal

About the Artist

Christopher Vidal

First Light on Cradle Mountain Tasmania

First Light on Cradle Mountain Tasmania

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Christopher Vidal

Chris Vidal is a contemporary realist artist living in Sydney, Australia. His interest in the arts started at a very young age. He studied classical drawing at the School of Arts in Malta and then pursued a career as a medical scientist and researcher.

His passion for the arts, though, persisted. He taught himself how to paint in oil because he was interested in oil painting. He eventually gave up his longtime job to pursue a career as a professional artist. His most recent paintings are a variety of still life and travel-inspired depictions of the Australian landscape. Realist and impressionist masters as well as modern painters inspire his work. He creates a constant flow of new works and commissioned paintings, from his home studio in Sydney. His works were published in books and magazines and are found in private and corporate collections in Australia and Internationally.

Chris is a professional painter who is passionate about teaching people about painting. He has been instructing students in drawing and painting at several Sydney locales. He places equal emphasis on explaining the technique and the rationale behind how it is carried out. Understanding the reasons behind things enables the student to reason and make choices, two skills necessary for working independently.

Artist's statement
Another means of communication utilised by people from the dawn of time is painting. Painting gave me the opportunity to view the world more closely and from a different perspective. Painting forces the audience and the artist to pause, consider, and ponder. Art's overarching goal is to spread a message.

Beginning in early childhood and evolving until the end of our lives, a variety of outside circumstances shape the way we perceive the world. My current artistic endeavours have been influenced by my early artistic and scientific interests. My passion of art, science, life, and the world are all connected via painting. I wish to convey an illusion of what is around us in a convincing representation of reflected light using pigments and other raw materials when painting.

I hope to restore the relationship between humans and nature through my art. Unfortunately, most people who live in large cities lose touch with nature, which contributes to the degradation of the ecosystem. The beauty in art should come from the individual's inner self.

"Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul" - W Somerset Maugham

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