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Margery Thomas Mueller

About the Artist

Margery Thomas Mueller

Bloom #5

Bloom #5

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Margery Thomas Mueller

Margery Thomas-Mueller was trained as an artist in Pittsburgh, New York and Perugia, Italy. Starting with years at the Art Student’s League, Carnegie-Mellon and the Accademia di Belle Arti.

Never abandoning fine art, she worked as an interior designer for over 40 years, designing major commercial and residential projects across the country.

Margery gave up her office and began her practice full time in 2011. Within this time she has had three solo shows, been accepted in national and international juried shows, and sold to private clients.

Her present work, which is executed in her studio in Alton, New Hampshire is focused on abstracted landscape. The medium that she has been engaged in for the past several years is graphite and india ink on Yupo paper.

“Liminal space… the world in between – between a world I live in and a world I listen to, that has always been what has driven my imagery. Since I read Edna St Vincent Millay’s poem Renascence, the place in between life’s state of being and how we treat the other, has been an internal focus.

In recent years, finally being able to work in my studio full time, the connection has become deeper and stronger. Investing time in understanding the travails of the other, has consumed my emotions and driven my imagery. Watching the world move from continent to continent, seeing humanity being uprooted as they seek a solid resting place makes my landscapes evolve. The branches, the thickets, the thorns reveal the human tales. As I work on Yupo paper, an unstable ground in itself, the moving ink and moving graphite speak to those emotions. Knowing that I can erase the entire picture plane with strokes of water and ammonia relates to what is happening in the human landscape as it transforms.

Liminal space is the space in between. In between, knowing, owning, being connected and permanent into a space that is in flux. Where life is unknown. A landscape where only the ground is stable. My work starts with a basic composition, a layout and then the medium leads me through the fluid reaction. I listen to the ink, as we listen to the land.”

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