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Dr Michael Durst

About the Artist

Dr Michael Durst

Fire Lion

Fire Lion

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Dr Michael Durst

As a psychologist, Dr. Michael Durst creates works that produce appreciation and healing because they create what he calls "Heartscapes."

His work has followed two paths: Impressionism and Fractal Digital Art.

Michael’s paintings display vivid colours, and dramatic light. They explore the dramatic African landscape, wildlife and portraits of people, capturing their life's energy so much so that they seem to breathe.  

Named “Impressionist of the 21st Century”, his paintings have won hundreds of First Place awards in international competitions, and appeared on the covers of magazines, books and CD’s.  His many solo exhibitions have received rave reviews and found his work gracing the homes of the “rich and famous”.
In a recent article in the Manhattan Arts Review, Renee Phillips, stated:
“Dr. Michael Durst is an artistic messenger of elation, hope, and wellbeing.…As a colour virtuoso, his carefully composed canvasses exude a chromatic and tonal harmony. In addition, his use of tactile swathes of paint and exquisite luminous glazes bring increased depth and dimension to his paintings.”

Fractal Art
Dr. Durst is also well known for his “Fractal Visions”. The energy contained within these powerful mathematical expressions can be experienced on a cellular level- affecting the viewer energetically, intellectually and spiritually.
Michael combines the digital image with many layers of glazing to exude translucent colours and a 3-D effect, providing an immersive transcendental experience.  One only needs to gaze into a fractal image to feel the incredible energy and power. 

He was selected to be a “Permanent Feature Artist” for the “Fractals As Art Association”, because of his “outstanding contribution to this newest art form and genre. As a pioneer in this field, he is breaking the ground for new artists who will undoubtedly follow in his footsteps”.

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