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Opulent Art Artists Open Call Out - June 2023

Previous showcasing artists are encouraged to submit artwork(s) to the new and future call outs.


The theme for this Call Out is "Express Yourself"  Theme inspired by Madonna's song 'Express Yourself' and her upcoming tour.

Express who you are. A Powerful global call out for all artists. How do you express yourself through your art?  Do you express them through feelings or emotions creating abstract art or being outdoors creating landscapes, or figurative art through the curves of the body and composition?

There is no right or wrong way for this theme. Feel free to express yourself to the world and show us your creativity!

We are looking for abstracts, portraits, digital art, landscapes, photography, figurative, still life, mixed media, graffiti art, street art etc.

We want to see your artwork. All entries that follow the theme and abide by the general rules which can be found here will be accepted.

Submit your best pieces which express your creativity and flair.

3D sculptures and movies should not be submitted.

Prizes / Reward

All Artists who enter will have all their submitted artwork featured in our '3D Innovative Art Gallery Experience' shown online. Click here to preview

Video will be available for downloading for personal use or linking back to Opulent Art Gallery for featuring.

1 selected artist will have up to 4 Artworks featured on Opulent Art Gallery's ARTSY page for 4 weeks for FREE!

All of the Artists artworks will receive widespread global recognition through extensive promotion on Opulent Art Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok pages on a rotating basis.

Selected artists will be featured on Opulent Art website by invite only.




The entry fee is £15 GBP for 1 entry. £40 GBP for 3 entries. £60 GBP for 5 entries. £70 GBP for 7 entries.  There is no return of any entry fees for late entries, incorrect submissions or entries that break the rules and are subsequently not entered into the call out.

Closing Deadline

The deadline for this Call Out is MONDAY 3rd JULY 2023. All entries submitted to this call out after the deadline will not be entered and entry fees will not be refunded.


Deadline for this Call Out is MONDAY 3rd JULY 2023.

3D Art Gallery Experience Group Showcase starts WEDNESDAY 19th JULY 2023

3D Art Gallery Experience Group Showcase ends WEDNESDAY 2nd AUGUST 2023

Catalogue of Artworks launched online WEDNESDAY 26th JULY 2023

How to enter

Use the relevant PayPal buttons below to make payment for the relevant number of artworks to be submitted to the call out.  Once payment has been made, email Opulent Art ( with the images to be submitted along with details in the email to include:

  • PayPal email reference

  • Full name

  • Artist Name (if different)

  • Artwork Title(s) & dimensions

  • Artist website address

  • Facebook and Instagram links

  • JPG images of artworks as details in RULES

Do not submit Bio's, Artist Statements or any other info at this point.

If you have any questions about submitting artworks, please contact us.

Opulent Art Paypal Me link to Enter Call Outs

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