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I was very pleased to be one of the 17 artists selected to participate in the June exhibition in the Opulent Art gallery. I have been subscribed to their partner Artsy on Instagram for a long time and I liked their published content - they are very interesting and modern artworks!

Kateryna Goncharova, Artist

Absolutely I recommend them! They have been easy to work with and personable. If I ask a question, they respond right away. Best yet, they picked me as one of their artists, so I know they are seeking out high-quality work with purpose.

Amanda K Bielby, Artist

Looks so Amazing. Its fun and modern

David Sheil, Artist

I think this is a wonderful Gallery, only the best artists represented and curated works to find the best art pieces for their clients. Easy, collaborative, professional, timely and freidnly staff

Katherine Green, Artist

I am so delighted to be part of this exciting new venture!

Hava Stone, Artist

I have been represented for a few months and i already admire their work representing new and upcoming artists. Opulent Art Gallery has a collection of high quality artworks, i defnitely recommend them.

Eliana Engler, Artist

I am so excited to see the September 3-D gallery, with my works displayed so beautifully!  Such moments of recognition are what artists dream of! 

I am honoured to be represented by such a prestigious gallery. 

My heart-filled thanks to all of you who have made this possible!

Dr Michael Durst, Artist

I am also very flattered that Opulent Art gallery chose my very philosophical work on the rather difficult topic of emigration. In Armenia, physical galleries only accept my works of light and even entertaining nature, but I like to create more serious artworks. And I am happy that my works on socially significant topics find interest and response in other countries.

Thanks to Opulent Art Gallery for support and inspiration! I would like us to have further fruitful cooperation.

Kateryna Goncharova, Artist

I love that Opulent Art Gallery showcased my work out a few! That was amazing and they are so nice and easy to work with. I highly recommend

Dena Novak

The 3D innovative Art gallery Experience is a fabulous way to showcase Art!
Opulent Art Created a Solo showcase for my Art pieces on there Art experience. And my own Art catalogue

Monica, Artist

Thank you so much, i am honoured to be part of Opulent Art Group and so many talented Artists!

Tamara Mulkey Creations

The ARTSY Golden Ticket Event and 3D Gallery is absolutely electric

Fontana Shelter, Artist

I like that they are giving every artist equal opportunities to express themseves through their art

Elena Parau, Artist

Thanks to Opulent Art for this great space to showcase my art.

And to all the Artists part of this event!

Naledi Artists

Thank you so much for the Support in showcasing my Art

Helen Louise, Artist

Absolutely beautiful 3D Art Experience!


I would absolutely recommend Opulent Art Gallery. They curate some really interesting work, usually by artists. It is a great way to discover artists and for artists to be discovered.

Nigel Smith

Opulent art gallery are so supportive and creative with their posts on my work. My followers have increased since they started sharing my paintings too! Thank you I would fully recommend!!

Joanna Gilbert

So cool to be part of this! Thank you so much!

Debbie Vervoort, Artist

Happy i am involved!

Beth Cole, Artist

Thank you so much for being part of your gallery

Lacuna Street Artist

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